What is Sports Toto Playing System

Sports is a game of chance established by Toto Inteltek company. Spor Toto also aims to predict the winning parties of 15 matches determined weekly.

Sports Toto weekly output, Monday newsletter is published, the matches are played on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Spor Toto ends on Friday with the start time of the first match. Leagues in Sports Toto; Sports Toto Super League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Eredevise is in the form of.

How to play Sports Toto?

Sports Toto game is based on estimating the outcome of the 15 matches for the week on the list. These options have 3 separate results for each match;

  • 1: The host team's victory,
  • 2: The victory of the displacement team,
  • 0: draw.


Coupon picture shared above

Sports Toto is also played every week by looking at this program. Each column is 25krş. it is charged as.

Weekly broadcast sports toto program

Game Rules

The bonus degrees of Sports Toto game are divided into four groups:

  • 15 Knowing
  • 14 Knowing
  • 13 Knowing
  • 12 Knowing

They are entitled to receive bonuses from that week's bonus share. If the bonus is postponed the next week.

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