Petition Writing

How to write a petition:

In the petition that you will declare your request or complaint, let us first write the name of the institution we will submit the petition in capital letters. Once you have thrown our title, let us write in a brief and concise way anyway. After you write your request or complaint, you will write the following sentence by doing the line: "I supply the requirement". Although it is an old spelling style, these words are used in petitions. After the promise of respect, first write the date to the lower right corner of the text, then write your name-surname and sign the signature under it. After writing your petition, write the address in the lower left corner. If the documents such as photocopy of identity or diploma will be given next to the petition, the petition is ok after additional to the lower left corner.

The petition plan is briefly as follows:

  • Corporate Name
  • petition text
  • The word of respect
  • Date,
  • AD-SOYAD, Signature
  • Annex
  • Address

Petition For example:

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