How to write a series scenario

All those who write series scenarios or film scenarios are not necessarily university graduates.

If you are hearing a series of movies or movies, what you need to do at first is how much the dream you have established can be adapted to the truth. So you can write your ideas under paper and pen. If you are aware that you can do this if you are aware that you have this tribe in your own, you can put a brand new character. You can get help from the scenario consultants. You write the Senaryo and the script consultants can professionalism about professionalism.

The rule of writing a good script is not to be a good literary.

How can you get to the series or film team after writing a script;

After completing the scenario, you have to confirm your story. You need to present or send it to the producers. Contact a production company to talk about the project in your hand and try to make an appointment with the producer himself.

Dizi senaryosu yazmak istiyorum ne yapmalıyım

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