Valentine's Day Lyrics

I want to bring you from the garden, not a rose from the garden.

If I hear your voice, it is not like seeing your face at any moment, know that I miss you every moment because nothing is like to love you!

Thank you for taking me from darkness to light, from lie to reality, from death to immortality. I love you.

I would like to give you a bunch of roses.

If the sky was a piece of paper, the sea was a bottle of ink, it would still not be enough to write my feelings for you. I love you so much.

Some dreams last longer than others.Bazlar is also very beautiful. My longest and most beautiful dream is reading this message right now. Happy birthday.

I am willing to live all the seasons in one day, all the years in a season.

You are so beautiful that I can't look at your face. Happy Valentine's Day.

I am not with you on Valentine's Day, but yesterday, today, tomorrow, I am as much as your heart.

If I lived as much as I loved you, I would have named the name of immortality. Happy Valentine's Day, darling.

The sea was drinking the blue in my throat, ashore like fishing like a fish. I miss your blue eyes.

Come on, take my hands! Burn me!

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Your eyes in my eyes, your hands in my hands, love inside me and as long as the soul is in my body.

I am willing to live all the seasons in one day, all the years in a season with you ... Hope to celebrate many Valentine's Day together ...

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