Which is the most interest bank

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In 2015, the most "daily" interest banks

1-ENPARA (Finansbank): 11.5 %
2-Turkish Economy Bank: 8 %
3-Ing Bank: 7 %

For daily interest, you need to go to the bank you choose at least 2,000 pounds. You don't have to go to the bank in the Enpara system which is different. When you call the Enpara phone, he comes to your home or workplace and takes care of the signature and credit card works.

After applying to TEB bank, I want to open a "ingenious account". You need to say, "I will not use a normal demand account." If there is money in the demand account, your account is deducted from your account under the name of "Operating Fee".

In order to open a daily interest account at ING Bank, you need to say I want to open a "accumulation account". The ING Bank gives you a disposal, but you can't withdraw money with this debit. You can only use to deposit money. You have to go to the bank to take your money and wait in line. In both others, you can withdraw your money from the disposal.

Futures Investment Accounts

If the above interest rates are not enough for you, you can open a term account or use a gold account. Instead of bank interest rates, stock exchanges and gold accumulations can be made, and the preferences of those who evaluate the stock market and gold are in favor of the dollar and euro. Due to the small return of the interest system, people invest their investments in exchange rates and funds rather than interest.

Some bank interest rates

8 %interest to Ing Bank term account

TEB BANK 9 %interest to futures account

Finans Bank Rich interest 8,60 %

Foundation Bank interest 6.60 %

Akbank 6.25 %annually

Albaraka Türk annual 7.25 %

Deniz Bank 6.9 %annually

Bank Asya annually 8.2 %

Finans Bank annually 6.25 %

Candy Bank 4.75 % of the annual

Yapı Kredi 5.35 % annually

Garanti Bank annually 6,00

The above interest rates belong to 2014, these interest rates may change according to the periodic campaigns of the banks.

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