The most beautiful Valentine's Day Poems

My darling

My heart's spring is my life light

Fire look, my crazy fire

I am in love with you in your eyes, darling today is ours today ...

i'm fine on the roses

I'm like the stars that eyes

I know you, my wife

My darling today is our day.

You made my heart my heart

You woke up the volume in my heart

Breathable Can I get used to it

My darling today is our today

Our love is derya like seas

our love is like those who love

You tied me to life with love

My darling today is our day.

wake up every morning with a longing

my heart is flared up with a single smile

my heart is my stopping fire

My darling today is our day.

Today February 14 dear darling.

I am yours today with all my self

I hold on with you my heart

My darling today is our day ...

I love you so much

You are so beautiful that I can't look at your face.

My hands are shaking, I can't hold your hands.

I come around and wrap inside me, I can't wrap it.

I was so connected that I can't stop without you.

When you wake up from sleep, you regret that you wake up

Your dream that can be seen once in life

I love you so much ...

I love you so much

The days will end the hearts

Happy Valentine's Day

Loved and loved, one day enough,

Happy Valentine's Day.

The best gift is my level,

Labor spent on the paths of love.

To give love from heart to heart

Happy Valentine's Day.

People would not live in love,

He could not run to the leyla of Mecnun.

Ferhatda could not cross the mountains,

Happy Osun is your Valentine's Day.

If your beloved Candan Yar is

If there is a lover for every lovers

Seven, if the beloved is bahtiyar

Happy Valentine's Day.

Özdemir also loved, more will love,

Let's get up with love and get up to the Shah

In the world, it is invaluable to love

Happy Valentine's Day

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