Valentine's Day Special Food

Love salad with vegetables

10 Pieces of Shallow Onions

1 medium -sized carrot

1 medium potato

1 medium -sized celery

1 Medium Size Pumpkin

1 teaspoon of flour

1 teaspoon of salt

Optionally black pepper

Half a cup of oil

Half Lemon

Half a kilo shrimp


All of the vegetables are peeled (heart ornaments are given) was washed and taken aside. The oil, shallots and carrots are roasted in the saucepan. After adding the juice, we add lemon juice and a teaspoon of sugar. It is cooled (we should take a container in another container and put it in a ice container) When it is placed in ice water, vegetables do not lose their colors and nutritional values.

We can decorate this salad with belly or lettuce and add boiled shrimps and decorate it as we want. If you want to do something special at home for Valentine's Day, try it.

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