Restaurants for Valentine's Day

The list of special restaurants to go on Valentine's Day below is given below.

Kaçkar Dirvana Restaurant 2 -person dinner 79.00TL

Tel: 212 277 00 87

Heaven Restaurant Special for Valentine's Day 35.00 TL per person

Tel: 0212 777 54 16

Mecma-ül Adab Restaurant Valentine's Day Special Menus

Tel: 0212 635 79 97

Asmalı Masjid Restaurant Special for Valentine's Day

Tel: 0212 245 36 29

Panoramic Restaurant Valentine's Day with special menu

Tel: 0212 511 19 36

table Restaurant Valentine's Day Special

Tel: 0212 517 42 03

Terrace Restaurant 14 February Valentine's Day Special Menu

Tel: 0216-338 70 40

This list and prices are completely for the purpose of implementation, do not blame us when you go to the restaurant and get different prices. Standard prices vary with campaign prices. According to the eaten dinner, the list price is different.

Especially if the price is not written in the menu "We have forgotten something at home" avoid there.

Sevgililer gününde gidilecek özel restaurantlar

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