Fenerbahce Establishment Date

Fenerbahce Club was founded in 1907 in Kadikoy, Istanbul. The informal was officially raised in 1899, but the club was closed twice between these dates and was reopened in 1907 as Fenerbahçe Sports Club.

Club was founded in the last time the reign of Abdulhamid II was founded in the period when his oppression decreased. The other members of the club consist of children of the rich families of Kadıköy.

Fenerbahce nasal nasal shining light lantern took the symbol. And they accepted it as the coat of coat of arms of the team. By changing their colors to yellow navy blue. Various Fenerbahçe anthems Written

Our Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Pasha, who is accepted as the establishment of Fenerbahçe Club, is the date he visited the club.

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Fenerbahçe ne zaman Kurulmuştur

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