Formula 1 Cars Features

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Formula 1 vehicles are the fastest speeding cars on land today. Modern Formula 1 vehicles can easily access the same speeds with almost jet aircraft.


F1 vehicles used in the motors used until 2000-2010 between 750-850 horsepower, but in 2011, a new arrangement went to this regulation with this regulation will be up to 780 horsepower. However, the Buddha reduced the speed limit in the race, and for years, the speeds of this sport in 2011 were not at the level they were accustomed to.

a f1 engine of BMW


tires used in f1 are two types.

1- Normal tire

2- Rain tire

The number of tires that each pilot can use on the runway varies according to the length and shape of the runway. Normal tires are used in dry weather and rain tires are used on wet surfaces. In F1, the tires are frequently eroded and each 3-6km should come to a tire change point called a Pitt and the tire should be replaced. The tires used in F1 produced more than one until 2011; Pirelli, Michelin, Continental companies, but in 2011, a new arrangement was introduced by a single company was met by a single company and all the tires used in F1 in 2011 produce the Italian company pirelli, and at the same time all the tires used in F1 are produced in Turkey. >

Tire exchange (Pitt stop)

A worn tire.

Brake System

a brake scheme found in the F1 vehicle above.

Durable Brakes Formula 1 can make the vehicles stagnant from 320 km in just four seconds, while the pilots are exposed to approximately 5.4g of force. So 5 times the acceleration of gravity.


F1 cars have a weight of approximately 550 kg. The total weight of this car must be more than 600 kg with the pilot. In F1, the design of the cabins is calculated very fine so that friction decreases.


The fuels used in

F1 are exactly the same as the fuels used in jet aircraft. In the races until 2011, the teams were able to put as many fuel as they wanted to causing various strategies, for example, the team started the fuel less faster, and when the difference was opened, the pitt stop was getting fuel. However, in the arrangements brought in 2011, this event ended and all cars were forced to go to the race with a full warehouse.


Formula 1 has not enough time to manage complex controls of pilots or to try to see small, hidden tools. Therefore, everything required for Formula 1 tools and settings for adjustment is placed on the steering wheel; It is a vital interface between the pilot and the vehicle.

You can see the details of the steering wheel better in the visual given to overcome.

1- Pit area Speed ​​Limitor 13- Diagnosis
2- Differential + 14- Wing angle Information Key
3- Motor thrust 15- Discretion
4- Gear upgrade 16- differential selective switch
5- Traction Control + 17- Radio
6- Motor thrusting Switch 18- Traction Control
7- Discretion arm 19- Gear reduction
8- Traction control 20- Motor brake
9- Tour Team Information 21- Differential
10- ignition 22- Neutral
11- Multifunctional Switch 23- Monitor Page Change
12- LAMBDA (Rate in Option Value in Short Option)

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