Which enchantment in Metin2 game is what

Which enchantment is in the

Metin2 game?

HP; Your character is a high rate of life.

SP; Your character's SP is an increase in intelligence. So you can make more effective skills. It is an important enchantment for surahs and shamans.

Power; It is the strength of your character. No matter how much importance is given to this enchantment, the more character makes a more solid stroke. It is a enchantment carrying great ÖENM in fighters.

agility; It makes your character not to sleep easily while taking attacks. The more agility, the less impact of the character.

attack, movement, magic speed enchantments; Your character hits faster than the attack speed, your character moves faster at the speed of motion, and if the magic speed is filling your magic skills faster, the magic speed is very important for shama and surahs.

HP and SP production; It makes your decreasing HP and SPs fill in a shorter time.

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