Formula 1 why will not be arranged in Turkey

Formula 1 Teams Association Secretary General Simone Perillo, Turkey `s" failed to do this job "in 2012, the race calendar was removed from the race calendar, he said.

F1 in Turkey's adventure ended because of the Turkish people in the world of millions of fans in the world of this motor sport in Turkey can not find the audience in Turkey.F1's commercial rights in the hands of EcClestone Turkey in 2012 with the effort to come again F1 in 2012, but the result of the result of the end of the Turkish parties. The explanation is the ECCLESTONE 2012 YEAR F1 in F1 in Turkey to come to Turkey and all ticket fees asked for all the ticket fees in this case that Turkey will not have any profits, even in 2012 we will not see Turkey in F1.

Automobile Sports Federation President Mümtaz Tahincioğlu, Formula 1 Turkey Grand Prix `` `` We have not made an official explanation for us, "he said.Mümtaz Tahincioğlu, AA correspondent, said that the talks with Formula 1 managers for Turkey Grand Prix` s said, "The minister was a little postponement due to the change of this. We will meet with the Minister on weekdays. After that, we will talk to Formula 1 managers again," he said.

In 2012, the arrival of TIR races on the Istanbul Park Runway is a development on the agenda.

Formula 1 neden türkiyede düzenlenmeyecek

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