7 pounds of loss diet in 7 days

The most beautiful diet is structuring in winter. Winter diet is the preparation for summer.

The winter period is not paid attention to the most weight gain season.Gely in winter dose of food is increased at home and people gain more weight. The biggest problem of people who can lose more weight is that metabolisms work slower than other people and the body cannot spend the energy that should spend. .The mental exercise and sportsmen in sports, metobolism rate is higher. With the weight gain, it starts to store fat in the body with weight gain. Sports made using fat burner and weight are recommended for fast weight. Shock diets should be avoided. a great diet

7 pounds in 7 days diet

1st day

Morning: 1 slice of cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, plenty of greens and sugar -free tea, green tea

Lunch: 1pcs boiled eggs, 1bardak buttermilk, 1 diligi dandruff or whole wheat bread.

Evening: 150 g grilled or boiled lean chicken, unlimited salad

2nd day

Morning: 1 egg, a slice of cheese, 3 olives unlimited salad and greens.

Noon: 3 meatball grilled, unlimited salad 1 cup buttermilk

Evening: 4 spoons of vegetable food, unlimited salad, 3 spoons of yogurt

Day 3

morning: 1 slice of fried bread, 1 slice of salami, cheese and unlimited salad.

Noon: 5 spoons of vegetable food, salad 1 bowl of yogurt

Evening: 1 slice of grilled buffk.salata unlimited

4th day

Morning: 1 egg, cucumber, tomato, 3 olives unlimited salad, 1 slice of cheese.

Noon: 1 slice of salami, 1 large carrot grater with plenty of lemon

Evening: 150 gr fish grilled or lean fogging, unlimited salad

5th day

Morning: 1 cup simple nescafe

Noon: 4 spoons of fat -free vegetables, 1Dil dandruff bread, salad

Evening: 1 slice of lean buffk (a few drops of lemon on it) and unlimited salad

6th day

Morning: 1 Green Apple

Noon: lean -free of 2 eggs menemen and 1 slice of dandruff bread

Evening: 4 spoons of vegetable food lean, salad and 3 spoons of yogurt

7th day

Morning: 1 slice of dandruff bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, 1 slice of lean cheese, unlimited greens, open sugar -free tea or green tea

Noon: 2 eggs boiled, tomatoes and pumpkin boiled

Evening: 150 g chicken grill or boiled, unlimited salad, 1 cup buttermilk

7 -day diet with a daily 1 -hour sport can be lost with 7 kilograms.

7 günde 7 kilo verdiren diyet

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merhba ben 18 yaşında 95 kilo bi kızım bugün günlerden pazartesi ve ben kilo vermeye kesin karar verdim bu diyeti yapıp sonuçları alınca yazarım :)