How to make a gouache paint picture

For gouache paint, although watercolor dens, it is not enough to thin with water to open color in the gouache paint.

Gouja paint is the reason for the use of water to thin the paint. It has the feature of the paint paint. The picture paper used should be thick from normal picture paper. Gouache paint is squeezed into the palette and the squeezed paint is thinned on the palette or a mixture of color. Very color mixture colors grille. When you make a mistake when painting, you need to correct it without drying. If the part that needs to be corrected is dry, it can be cleaned by wetting with a clean brush.

The use of gouache paint is similar to the oily paint as a substance. It is difficult to correct the colors on top of each other, but when the gouache is applied on top of each other, the bottom error does not appear.

Gouache painting examples

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