What does canvas mean

Canvas table; It is the name given to the reproduction of an electronic picture (in digital environment). In the Kanvas Table, thin canvas is used as a floor and the coloring process is made with ink in print.

Canvas Table is cheap in terms of cost because it is easily reproduced in the dejital environment, you can print the size of the canvas table by selecting the desired size and the picture you want, but the paintings made with oil paintings are the artist design and the construction phase is longer and the oil paintings are longer than the canvas table. .

Canvas is a product that is common and used in the table industry with acrylic printing. Since the canvas tables have no relationship with oil paint table, there is a large difference between the oil painting.

If the place you hang a table luxury, if you are not only a place you attach, if you are taking a table to hang a aesthetic table, the canvas table is ideal for you, but if you care about your place and give importance to the table, I strongly recommend you to take oil paintings.

Kanvas tablo nedir

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