How to mix hair dye, how to use hair dye

Today, hair dyes are offered to consumers almost ready. In addition, there are paints called natural or henna mixture.

When we want to obtain a hair color we want, the dye mixture is prepared, if the right hair colors are selected, it increases your makeup and beauty. Hair dye mixtures are usually the mixtures prepared by hairdressers to find the color we want. Since it is a bit difficult to prepare this mixture and keep the desired color, someone who knows it needs to do so. Unconsciously prepared a mixture can ruin our hair.

For example, caramelle, you can mix the chocolate coffee and get a great color, but you put it into it, but if you put the opener a little or more, you put a very different color. It is necessary to mix very well after adding oxidation in the paint. The paint should become a dark cream. Do not apply immediately after preparing the paint, after waiting for a while, the application needs to be done. Hairstyles as well as hair dye color are very important.

There is no need to use dye to lighten hair color, hair color can be opened naturally.

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