What to do if the washing machine fails

If your washing machine does not discharge water, there are a few operations that you will do before calling the service.

The failure of your machine is usually varied according to the brand and model, but the most common problem of the most common problem that the machine is clogged water. There is a lid in the form of a single -shaped jack. When you remove the pompa lid on the lid and the inner nest of the paper when you remove the pump most washed the hairs of the laundry, the pockets of the pants thrown without looking at their pockets accumulated. If the problem continues after cleaning this part after cleaning this part, your pump is malfunctioned and the pump must change with the new one. .

In some model machines, even though the pump is intact, the machine is still emptying the water. You must apply.

Authorized Service Call Centers Phone Numbers

Arçelik Call Center Phone Number

444 08 88

Vestel Call Center Phone Number

444 41 23

Boch Call Center Phone Number

444 63 33

Gaggenau Call Center Phone Number

444 55 33

Demirdöküm Call Center Phone Number

444 18 33

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