Rose leaf diseases and treatment

Rose is the most special one of the flowers.Gül is more special than other flowers in terms of smell and meaning. .

Rose Diseases

1) Rose ashtray

2) Pass in roses

3) Black stain in roses

4) Leaf lice

5) Gül Aqrilusu

Rose ashtray

Molds in the form of sticky flour on the edges of the leaves.


Regular irrigation of the plant and microthiol drugs should be used.

roses in roses

The leaves of the plant are formed around 1 mm in the lower part. As the patient progresses, stains such as rust stains on the leaves are formed and leaves begin to dry.


The spilled rose petals must be separated and destroyed by separating and destroyed.

Black stain in roses

Black spots seen in plants. When the patient progresses, the plant pours the leaves.


It is recommended to use captan and dichotan medications for the treatment of plant.

leaf lice

It is seen in the buds and leaves of the rose. It absorbs the liquid in the leaves of the rose and causes the seedlings to deteriorate.


DDVP drugs are used.

rose aqrilusu

enters the branches of the rose and goes down to the root and dries the plant complete.


Drying branches are pruned and washed.

Gül yapraklarında neden siyah benekler oluşur Engellemek için ne yapılmalı

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