What is hortism

It is a term in the story book Harry Potter. They were introduced in the 6th book of the series in the hybrid prince. If a person is killed according to Rowling, the soul of the killing of the killing is tear. The witch or sorcerer looking for immortality uses this tear for his own purposes, and the torn part bursts into an object. Even if the body of this person dies, a part of his soul will be tied to the world, so his soul does not disappear. Without the destruction of all the wizarding of the wizard, the real soul never dies.

In short, it is that it is immortal by dividing the soul into objects. These objects are also called horticism. The evil sorcerer in the story shattered his soul and kept each piece in another object. The sorcerer cannot be killed without finding them all.

The author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling.

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