Best Selling Books 2013

a lot of new books on the shelves without finding its place in the discount in the case of readers to prevent pirate bookstores to prevent the campaigns of broadcasting companies to be seen as great as we have chosen the best output books of 2013 for you.

2013 Best Selling Books

Fifty Tones of Gray (El James)

Fifty tones of the darkness

Fifty Tones of Freedom (El James)

You and Me (Aret Vartanyan)

Are you really alive (Aret Vartanyan)

stark naked love (Aret Vartanyan)

First Last Kiss (Ali Harris)

Before you (Jojo Moyes)

Hell (Dan Brown)

Bukre (Hero Terzioğlu)

Last Letter from My Lover (Jojo Moyes)

A different (Hero Terzioğlu)

Hasret (Canan Tan)

Cold Coffee (Ahmet Batman)

En çok satan Kitaplar

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