Where to sell pirate book

In fact, there is no such thing as a cheap book, the author gives the book and the publishing house and the price of the book is determined and is offered for sale in the market according to this price.

While the original area of ​​a book is 30 TL, while the pirate of the book is sold as 5 or 10 TL on the other side. The same is not only one original, but one of the books is sold so expensive, it does not seem possible to stop pirate bookstore. .Korsan book vendors usually appear in the evening and sell until midnight. It is possible to come across book sellers in most of the metrobus overpasses after 19:00 in the evening pirate book sales start.

We recommend that everyone wants to read original books but could not read because of financial impossibilities to read the original books to some book sarrafs as second hand and read the second hand in the second hand and the 2nd hand book while buying the original book very cheap. 2nd hand original books will prevent you from contributing to the disrespect for the author's labor at least.

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