Where is Kemal Sunalın hometown

Kemal Sunal is one of the big players who once the unforgettable place where the audience had a laughing crisis.

Kemal Sunal 11-11-1944 He was born in Malatya. Kemal Sunal has an abstainer attitude from primary school years to high school years. When the school years finished and passing to high school, his self-confidence was fully fully fulfilled. And he had a period of adverse young man. He showed success in the theater with the contribution of his teachers to his teachers.

Deli Ibrahim in the role of no speech diound of the audience against the face of the audience began to laugh. This situation began to laugh. Kemal Sunal met in total 82 films. On July 3, 2000, he died of a sudden heart attack on his boarding plane to go to Trabzona.

Kemal Sunal Nereli

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