Ayran Detox Diet

Ayran Detox diet.

With the arrival of spring, the weight we have received in winter has emerged.

Buttermilk Detox Breakfast

Day 1 and 2nd day breakfast is the same.

1 slice of bran bread

1 egg boiled

White Cheese.

Unlimited Green and Tomato

Green tea or without sugar open normal tea

Ayran Detox

2 liters of lean yogurt made of buttermilk 2 cucumbers will be grated.

4 spoons of boiled chickpeas.

4 spoons of boiled lentils

4 spoons of boiled bulgur.

Optionally, there is absolutely no salt.

This mixture will be made fresh every day ayran detox will be made for 2 days.

2 kg of oil is given within 2 days when detox is made.

Ayran Detoksu nasıl yapılır

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