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The most important issue when choosing a dog is that it is cute and friend is alive. In addition, it is important that you can meet the care of the dog and give importance to his needs. Remember, while you have a dog, you also give direction to his entire life. Below are some of the most preferred dogs.

1. Pug dog: It is a small and cute dog. It's like a big dog stuck in a small body. You can endure your snoring.

2. Labrador Retriever Dog: It is the most popular type of dog in many ways. Different colors are available. Noble and intelligent. If your house is large or if you have a garden, you can see it ..

3. Golden Retriever Dogs: It is in the foreground in terms of personality. Loving and smart. He can play with your child for hours in pursuit of a ball.

4. Doodle Dog Type: It can be considered a new race compared to others. Labrador is a mixture of Poodle and Golden Poodle. With its unusual appearance, personality comes to the fore. If you are looking for a guard dog for yourself, do not choose it. When he sees the danger, he escapes without looking back.

5. Border Collie Dog: One of the smartest dog breeds known. He's like a good partner, he's enough to know that he has a job to do. He is very happy to pursue a stick or pursue a sheep. Do not hesitate to entrust your child, this dog certainly does not make wrong.

6. Boston Terrier Dog: These cute dogs were once a carrying dog in Boston. Their names come from here. It is still a special dog with the choice of families around Boston.

7. Boxer dogs: Look at this type, this type is not liked at all!. He's always looking for something behind his ear, he's friendly. Like Pug dogs, they may have a snoring problem. If you are thinking of feeding a dog in the room where you sleep, do not choose this dog.

8. Collie Dogs: It is a dog used in the filming of the film Lessi. He was very famous at that time, but it was not preferred today because the size was large. He is very smart and smart, he loves playing with children. The size is large but it is definitely worth it.

9. Beagles Dogs: Long ears and sad gaze is a very cute dog. It becomes a very nice family dog. If you are looking for a dog to move and walk together, you can choose Beagles. Beagles is a hunting dog when you go around, and when he sees something to hunt, he jumps like an arrow. You may have to pursue a rabbit or a squirrel.

10. Bulldog Dog:

It is a type that will be loved with a wrinkled face and ugly appearance. This dog has an understanding that prefers to stand constant on skateboarding.

11. Corgi Dog: It is one of the favorable dogs for the family. He's smart and loves children. When a job is given, he fondly and is happy. It is almost impossible to rely on your smiling face. Tight feathers need to be brushed regularly.

12. mutt dogs: It is a hybrid dog race. Cross -breeds often take the best features of the two species to which it belongs. It is used as a rescue dog and for different purposes.

Prices according to the type of dog start around 500 and can exceed 600-700 pounds. Having a baby is actually a feature that increases the price. No one wants to get more than an old dog. But if you think about it in the other way, a dog of the middle age can give a puppy.

To get a dog, you should go to a dog farm. Or you can also find a dog owner to give a baby. Some people have translated it into a profitable job, but a real owner who is sure you will take good care of it.

dog food and rabies and so on when buying dogs. You should also consider other health needs like vaccines. When you buy a dog, don't think it will look like a trinket at home or a plush toy. You should think of it as a family individual you need to take care of every day.

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