Buttermilk machine prices

Ayran Machine Prices

Susurluk type buttermilk machine model ady-20paslanmaz standard model price is 1.575.00 TL.

Single buttermilk machine price 745.00 TL

AAM 20 and 20 liters with a capacity of a mixer buttermilk machine price 1.036.00 TL

55 lt buttermilk making machine price 241.00 TL

Electric buttermilk machine made of wooden rose tree 1.237.00 TL

Publishing buttermilk machine price 1.327.00 TL

Turkish procedure buttermilk machine price 20.00 TL

Note: Prices are given as examples. Prices may vary according to companies and season. The price varies according to the buttermilk machine brand.

Ayran Makinası fiyatı

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