Baby radio prices

What can be as natural as new mothers do not want to leave their babies, even when they want to stay with them even while sleeping? Is there any harm?

Baby radios emit more radio frequency radiation on mobile phones, and putting these radios next to your baby is extremely harmful for the health of the baby. In a study conducted at a private university, this radiation from the radios was directly entered into the brain of the baby. Since the brain of a person did not complete the formation of the brain until the age of 20, it was found that these frequency radiation is very easy to reach directly to the brain.

Baby radio prices

Baby radio prices vary according to the brand and the impact distance. The price is 40 lira starting from the 750 lira prices.

Philips Baby Radio prices between 150-200 pounds,

Chicco Baby Radio prices between 100-500 pounds,

Kraft Baby Radio prices are between 100-150 pounds,

Sinbo baby radio prices between 40-100 pounds,

Weewell Baby Radio prices have a price ranging from 150-800 lira.

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