Boat rental prices

Istanbul boat rental prices

2 hours Cliiante Yacht Rental 650.00 TL

2 hours bambi yacht rental 650.00 TL

2 hours erdoğan yacht rental 300.00 TL

2 -hour fortress boat rental 900.00 TL

2 hours Muco yacht rental 500.00 TL

2 hours new Göksu boat rental 850.00

4 hours activated gulet yacht rental 2.5700.00 TL

2 hours Şehrazat yacht yacht rental 950.00 TL

4 hours fate boat rental 1,500.00TL

4 hours Selamet Kadir Boat 2.250.00

4 -hour matlenda yacht day rental 6.000.00 TL

Boat rental prices are given as an example, may vary according to the brand and the company. Do not use these prices as a definite determinant. Prices are variable according to gasoline prices and date. Cheaper prices can be purchased for a few days of renting, it is more appropriate to discuss with boat rental companies.

Rich boat, yacht and sailing varieties according to many holidays and tourism opportunities can be found through agencies.

Tekne kiralama fiyatları istanbul

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