What are the diseases treated with music?

Music treatment to diseases, especially in the US and other European countries, the treatment method has been proven to be very successful. In line with the information obtained and the researches were examined, it was learned that music treatment was frequently used in the Ottoman state and even the treatment of music with music was opened. So which music plays an important role in the treatment of which disease?

1. Rast Makam: Joy-Huzur gives.
2. Rehavi Makam: gives an idea of ​​infinity.
3. KUÇEK AUTHORITY: Sadness and Elem
4. Büzürk Makam: Fear.
5. Isfahan Makam: Movement ability gives a sense of confidence.
6. Neva Makam: It gives flavor and refreshment.
7. Uşşak Makam: Gives a feeling of laughter.
8. Zirgüle Makam: Sleep.
9. Saba Makam: Courage gives strength.
10. Buselik Makam: Power gives.
11. Hüseyni Makam: Silence, gives comfort.
12. Hicaz Makam: Gives humbleness.

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