What are the hemorrhoids treatment methods

The diagnosis is very important in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatments 1st and 2nd stage are simple stages. You cannot imagine how much it benefits you for this disease early.

hemorrhoid treatment methods

1st Hemorrhoid Treatment: In this phase, non -surgical treatments are suitable. It is a starting start. Generally, diarrhea, strain, constipation has begun with diseases such as diseases such as constipation, and the treatment of these diseases is improved with the treatment of the disease. will be.

2nd Hemorrhoid Treatment: Warm water seating bath with vascular compression drugs and creams is a therapeutic method for this stage.

3.Evre hemorrhoid treatment: 3. The 3rd home is an advanced stage. First, the size of the disease is controlled by medication. If the drug treatment is not enough, the medical intervention is done.

4.It Hemorrhoid Treatment: It is recommended to consume abundant fiber foods to ensure that constipation preventive diet and intestines to work regularly at this stage.4. Stage is a surgical method.

5.Evre hemorrhoid therapy: In this stage, the patient suffers a lot of pain. Hemorrhoids are filled with blood and give the patient a feeling of burning and unbearable pain.

laser hemorrhoid treatment

Today, the most preferred treatment for hemorrhoids is the laser. Laser treatment means light treatment. High temperature reaches the hemorrhoid breasts by reaching a tissue damage at a depth of 7-8mm. It burns the vessels that cause the formation of the mezoroid breast and allows the formation of a new clean tissue in that area.

After laser hemorrhoid treatment

*No pain after application

*Laser application is not required for narcosis

*There is no bleeding after surgery or there will be almost no.

*Laser treatment is not used in the treatment.

*Since the breech muscles are not cut, problems such as stool and gas kidnapping are not seen

*There is no problem such as breech shortness after laser treatment.

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