What are the types of physical therapy

Physical therapy usually starts to show its effect after 5-6 sessions. In the first week of physical therapy, some pain occurs. This process is called a healing crisis. In physical treatment, sessions in the treatment vary between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours. Session session time varies according to the person and continues between 10 and 20 sessions. The session range can be 3-4 times a week depending on the person's condition, at least once a week.

Physical Therapy ( Physiotherapy) is a form of treatment for the purpose of recovery of movements in the body. Many different methods are applied in physical therapy. Let's take a brief look at these methods.

Physical Therapy Methods:

  • Physical therapy with the help of electrical current: It is physical therapy with weakened electrical currents. It is made to pass the pain of the region where it is applied and to feed the painful area.
  • Physical therapy using hot heat: Deep heaters such as ultrasound or short wave are used to heat the tissues to remove the pain in deep tissues. The hardness in the painful regions soften and cleanses the accumulated dirty blood.
  • Physical Therapy with Akapunkur: A treatment with dry needle and provides relief by balanceing the energy in the body.
  • Physical Therapy with Traction: It is a tensile process made with electronic and mechanical devices and applied to pain on the neck and waist. It is preferred especially in waist and neck hernias.
  • Physical therapy with exercise: Physical therapy consisting of therapeutic movements to strengthen muscles.
  • Physical therapy with massage: This form of treatment is done by hand or massage tools. It helps to remove hardness and gain fitness.
  • Physical Therapy with Manipulation: This method applied by physical therapy experts is done by applying a number of hand gestures, stretching and maneuvers.
  • Physical therapy should not be seen as a magic wand. Healing is a process and in this process, people are healed more quickly and high motivation.

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