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Nejat İşler was born in 1972. Nejat İşler Çağaloğlu Anatolian High School graduates. He was a popular student in the theater department of the school while continuing his education at Çağaloğlu Anatolian High School.

Nejat İşler, who decided not to continue his education after the end of high school, made a T -shirt seller in the summer months. After 10 years, he decided to continue his education. . Until he graduated from this episode, he did acting in the state theaters and many series. He is trying to stand as long as possible from the series because of the unrest in the series that is either bored or long -lasting series on the set.

Nejat İşler Sinama Movies

September storm

Everything About Mustafa

Tell Istanbul

Stolen eyes

2 Super Movies in the bar


on the shore of life

10 to 11 remains

Losers Club

Dragon trap

black and white

sycamore tree

Nejat Jobs Strains


Şehnaz tango

get the troubles

Crazy Heart

How did I stay at home

my grandfather, wafer and me

Love and pride


sultan makam

Devil is hidden in detail


Rose needle in my circle

White Poppy

knife back

Grand Bazaar

Behzat Ç. An ankara detective

behind bars

Keşanlı Ali Epic


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