How to apply ritual ablution of the whole body ?

What is gusül?

Gusül means washing in a way that has no dryness in the body. After entering the adolescence age, all Muslim men and women need to take ablution due to their juniper and menstrual reasons.

Gusül Ablution
  • When starting the ablution of gusül must be intentional.
  • Take water to the mouth to the throat.
  • Pulling and washing water to the nose.
  • Wash the whole body from the top to toe so that there is no dryness.

When buying gusul ablution, it is necessary to take care of washing the belly button, pests, ears and beard bottoms. If there is a ring on the fingers, care should be taken to wash the gold. Gusül can be prayed with ablution. But according to some imams, it is necessary to take normal ablution. Works that cannot be done without gusül ablution

  • Prayer is not made
  • The Quran is unreadable
  • Not wandering in the mosque
  • You cannot go to the Kaaba

Gusül abdesti nasıl alınır

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