What to tell my lover is right

a woman or a man's friendship with the opposite sex does not necessarily have emotional meaning.

Men and women are more permanent and much more useful than their friendship with each other. If you are experiencing a friendship away from sensuality for your boyfriend, where you can easily share all the thoughts and emotions, you are lucky.

The fact that a lady is a normal male gesture brings with it a lot of convenience in her life. Ladies with her boyfriend often selectively and as well as carefully approaches against men. The man friend tells him how to act or what a man's movements tell him. If you have a boyfriend, you should consider yourself lucky. You decide that you will be close. You laugh with him, next to someone you are happy and peaceful in every way you will get burned in every way. You need to trust you to get rid of. .

It is not possible to stay away from someone you feel like you and you are loved, no matter what you think, how close you will stay, and only bodies determine. Dear It is not right for you to share everything without being serious, but you are the only person to decide what to share. A woman is always better than men in reading emotions, trust your emotions. Your heart tells you the best.

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