To sell and buy diamond ring

When buying a diamond ring, you should pay attention to by a reliable brand and you have bought it from a reliable store.

Be careful not to buy products from shops with 30 or 40 pieces of diamond products in the store where you will buy diamonds. These shops are the main work of the shops that are diamonds, but not only buy and sell or sell the cost of hidden on the label.

Things to consider when buying diamonds

The jewelery store shopping is confident and continuous.

Store's corporate applications and customer satisfaction focused

To have policies.

The sales consultant has sufficient knowledge and experience about jewelery. To be able to answer your questions about the product.

The guarantee sertefika, which includes all the details you have purchased in your name.

If possible, there is a staff who have received the title of Gemologist (precious stone specialist) and the stones used in the products pass through their control and supervision.

In the shopping store where shopping; Product maintenance, repair, return and replacement.

In terms of model and stone size, the store has rich product varieties.

See the equivalent of the diamonds you will buy on the color scale and try to make sure that the true color is accuracy by comparing it with other stones.

Diamond set models are more expensive because it is difficult to sell.

Diamond companies

Zen Diamond


sirius diamond







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