How to clean the diamond ring

Diamond rings can be referred to as the shine accessory of the ladies.

Diamond ring is as important as the use of diamond ring. If you want the brightness of the ring to be like the first day.

Materials for the cleaning of the diamond ring at home

hot water


3 separate bowls

Cleaning glove

hard -haired toothbrush

dishwashing detergent


Put 1 cup of warm water and 1/4 cups of ammonia in the container and leave in the ring for 20 minutes. Put your handles and take the ring from the ammonia captain and put the warm water and dishwashing detergent in the container you add. Rub the ring a little. With the help of a brush, brush all over your ring thoroughly. Make sure that all the detergent on the face is coming out and rinsed thoroughly in the water and leave it on the towel to dry.

If you want to use your diamond ring for a lifetime. This does not damage the diamond, but it can cause the metal color to be dull or deteriorated.

Professional Care: This is the healthiest method. In addition, it will be healthy for you to check from time to time to ensure that the nails on your jewelery are not bent or do not relax.

With jewelry cleaning fluid: You can earn your old glow to your jewel by following the instructions written on any brand jewel cleaning fluid.

With soft liquid detergent: immerse your diamond ring into a small container filled with any soft liquid detergent into the warm water. Gently brush in the foam with a soft toothbrush. Put your jewel on a strainer and rinse with warm water. Dry with paper towel or a similar material.

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