Providing earnings on the Internet with Affiliate

Affiliate means sales partnership in Turkish. It is a type of advertising that can be preferred especially for those with website. When you become a partner with a company, you put your ad on your site, and when your visitors shop from the common company, you will get a certain percentage. According to brands, the partnership profit varies between 2 %and 15 %. The price of the product sold in this is also very important. You can browse the following sales partner sites.

Note: definitely do not give any money to anyone. In sales partnership and other advertising types, the site owner is always profitable. Certainly, do not pay money to register in such a system. The partners who are expected to give money should not steal your money. Some sites require registration money for membership. All of these are lying and flattened. You are the one who will earn money when you are a partner. The other company should try to sell products. Affiliate Sites List

Affiliate siteleri listesi

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