They said that love is beautiful, why is it burning

Love burns as follows; You leave or he leaves you, and it will deceive you, and this is so bored, you can't stand it anymore. There is patience to some extent, and then you can't hold yourself, you cry. But after a while you forget.

Life continues, the pain of your girlfriend or boyfriend is behind. But when someone who thinks and gives importance to you is no longer remembered as the pain of love that has remained in the past.

Aşk neden can yakar

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adim ibrahim 2008 8. 10 bır kz sevdim baya da ciktik ama ayrıl dik ve o şimdi evli ama kocasını benim le aldatıyor ve ben sevdim hald e onun icın kül oldugm hald e seni ıstemiyorum dedim ve onu çok seviyorum bu arada nişanlı olduğum halde gene de seviyorum yani unutamadı