What is DUPE? (USKO and PVP)

What is DUPE?

DUPE is the name of the application that players who do not have any money in Knight online game. Copying any item is called Dupe.

How to make dupe?

Initially, we leave all our items to the bank. Then we receive 9998 arrows from Sundries, these arrows can be any of them as well as mixed. We put all the arrows taken in the first box in the Envarter. Then we take a item press paper and put this item pressing paper to the bank. We see behind the players we see behind and we throw another trade without closing the same player trader and we immediately look at the first box we put in the first box 9998 arrows lost, 1 printing paper we put in the bank has been 9999 pieces. When we do DUPE, we need to get out of the game and enter the game again to see that our printing paper is 9999 pieces. The application I described is 100 %results when USKO is applied correctly. However, it is not possible to say the same thing for PVP s DUPE in some PVP servers is not to work.

DUPE is not legal according to the rules of the game, although it is profitable. If you get caught, you can get a penalty.

Dupe nedir

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