How to play Mangala Game

Mangala is a Turkish game played since ancient times. In Mangala game, it is necessary to use intelligence well and develop a strategy. Numerical intelligence strengthens and strengthens social characteristics.

Two people like the game chess are played mutually. There are 6 wells of each player on the game board. Mangala game is played with a total of 48 stones. The game starts by placing 4 stones in each well. The players try to collect all the stones in their own reservoir by transferring the stones in the wells. Mangala, which collects all the stones, wins the game of Mangala.

1. Rule: The player who is young starts starts. The player takes 4 stones from the well he wants and starts to distribute the stones. Stone has to put a stone in the well he receives. It leaves other stones in the clockwise in order. It leaves a stone in every well. If the last stone in his hand comes to his region, he plays again.

2. Rule: If the player in the turn is distributing stones, he leaves it to the opponent's well. If the last stone in his hand coincides with the opponent's area and if there is a double number in the last well, he will take all of these stones, and put it in his own safe. The game's turn is passing to the opponent.

3. Rule: When distributing stones, the boxes slowly discharge. If the player coincides with an empty well while he leaves the stone in his hand and if there are rival stones on the other side, he will also take the stones on both sides. puts it in the safe. The game's turn is across.

4. Rule: When the player finishes the stones in his region, a hand is finished. The opponent who finishes the game also wins the stones in the region.

Mangala game a total of 5 hands are played. Since it is a single number, it is likely to end 3-2. Probably 5-0 ends. If it ends, it will be played again.

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