Ezginin Diary Love Is Ends Lyrics

love is over, as if a tiny fish lost my hand
Love is over, as if something broke out of me.
Love never ends
disappeared in the void as if nothing happened
Love never ends
remains on a street wall with our name
on a wooden shell of a calendar
stays between a flower in a flower between a notebook
During a dolmus on a nail wound
remains in a room in a pillow paint
in a candlelight bed in a bed light.
remains in a song that is repeated in our language
in a child's gaze at the exit of school
remains in a book in a fairytale fairy
in a patient room in a midnight
remains on a lip on a tear in a poster
In a smile scattered in a bitter smile
remains on a street on a phone
on a question answer in a neighbor's face
remains in a market in the smell of a coffee
at the price of a socks that intend to be a rabbit
remains in a moss on a sea shore
in a ferry chimney in a seagull wing.
Love never ends
Diary of the melody

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