Toygar Işıklı Yazgım Song Lyrics

sung by Toygar Işıklı Yazgım song lyrics. Yazgım song was composed by Çağın Bodur.

If my fiction is going to change with you,
change your
irreversible roads
push and delegation, we will be happy with you

Come even happy me
but it will not be enough for me
that for sure, in my vulnerable moments

in my hardest times
You got power from your beautiful lies
You didn't think after

My heart was sinless
Uploaded all the crime wrote forward
pity you did not pity you
You were finished by you
Bad end of our story

fictional Written in the hands of
in a corner of fate

Fate does not pass, do not return from the word enough for me

love loves to wait very much
I wait
Big Life My


Music: Toygar Light

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