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Don't Love Me My Daughter I Smell Song Song Song I Write, I Write my Hands, I think I will burn the worlds for Beşiktaş.

We cannot be the champion Beşiktaş this year, the nation again with the handle with the referee with the referee.

There are two types of fans in the world. Those from Beşiktaş and those who cannot realize that they are from Beşiktaş

We screaming in the bleachers, he loves Beşiktaş, you shouted in the arms of Manita.

We hit you by saying Besiktas, we put white next to the black, we have always been yours for years, Beşiktaş you are our everything

The world is always turning, our life ends, the love of Beşiktaş never ends with us

Let's see the champion this year, do not put us in the grave before you die, we do not scare us musalla stone, we love to death we Besiktas

My Besiktas is my only darling, tell me who I have other than you! I cry with you, I laugh with you, tell me who I have other than you ...

We put white next to black, we put the head in these colors, we filled the stadiums in the mud in the rain, Beşiktaş you are our everything

black eagle you fly in the skies, you live for 100 years, those who can not attract the jealous people crack, I have a God, you are also you ...

The hearts filled in 1903, the place black sky white champion Beşiktaş ...

Young man's colored team does not hold, I am Besiktas `` You are not inherited from my father to my son debt

such a love that we have not been described, believe in the hearts, believe never deleted ...

Lie directly from the dark light escapes directly, the sun is lonely light around, remember this loneliness is the fate of the truth, the crows fly with a flock only

The day was born we always awakened stadiums, we are equipped with flags for the sake of Besiktas, our neighborhood makes everyone fall in love with everyone, the shadow of my flag! Here we are always shoulder to shoulder on the bad day, not to boast, we are from black eagle. Besiktas lyrics surname

What am I with the million money in my pocket, when you are not champions. Sometimes joy, sometimes grief, your love for your lifetime

We live with the dream of the grade-white weft to be placed in our side while buried in the black soil with a white shroud ... Do you have it?

This love is bigger than everything, this love is superior to the championship, of course, one day

My father said black, I started in white work like this great love

We crawled in places, we did not sleep too much, we slept in concrete in front of the stadium, my name in the stadiums, my picture in the castles, I gave up for my life for Beşiktaş ...

Let's see the champion this year, do not put us in the grave before you die, we do not scare us musalla stone, we love to death we Besiktas

The place is black, even if the sky is white, no one can wipe the color of my heart, never from my heart

Besiktas is the best today, we know how to wear black and mourning with white roses today! We are Karakartalız.

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