What does it mean, not a camel?

"Skip a camel is not" word is a phrase. The meaning of means that the work is not difficult to enlarge, it should not be tired. It also states that it is not that expensive if it is something to be purchased. In this phrase, there is a reference to the fact that the horse and the camel are large and large. There are no such animals in our lands that our ancestors have derived such an idiom. The words that prove this are "there is a big elephant from the camel", "the camel is large, but a donkey eats five of them." With our proverbs, we have idioms "like a camel" like a horse.

too many proverbs and idioms about horse and camel are derived. Let's see how many of you have heard or you know.

Our Proverbs About Horse:

  • horse, not according to the step, according to his man walks
  • Horse with purple, brave strangely
  • The owner becomes matte until the horse is a horse,
  • While the horse is fed, the girl is requested
  • Horse Binen's sword
  • According to the horse rider
  • KNOWS Horse Rider
  • Horse sees Aksar, water sees thirsty
  • The horse is not a square, the square becomes a horse.
  • The horse dies, it will be a feast of it.
  • The horse is dead, the valiant dies remains:
  • Horse in seven days, on the day he eats
  • He is a comrade of horse brave
  • Ata barley, Yigide rice
  • The horseshoe riding the horse calls the nail
  • If you ride a horse, you don't forget the horse if you go down the horse
  • The ancestor also needs a lineage, it is also
  • Ata should look like a friend, ride like an enemy
  • Ata saddle need, saddlery
  • with ancestor, with his mother and mother
  • The horse falls without a fortune
  • Dorus of the horse, the madness of the valiant
  • Horse's timid, Yigidin Coward
  • The road when you have a horse, diagnosis, when you have a mouth, diagnosis
  • He does not look after his horse.
  • While the horses horseshoes, the frogs do not extend their feet
  • Horses hill, in the meantime donkeys are crushed
  • Atta, Avratta Uğur has
  • Atta Abdominal (forehead), Yigitte Nose
  • The quilts falling from the horse, the donkey falling from the donkey shovel
  • Not a hour to the horseback

Our idioms about the horse:

  • To close the door of the barn after the horse is stolen
  • At your hand, your hand, what to us
  • like a horse
  • like a horse thief
  • horse track
  • horse running
  • Horse play
  • In the horse market donkey fountains
  • Shaking the feet before riding a horse
  • Ata meat, giving ite grass
  • The horse passed Üsküdar `s
  • Horse Eşkin, the sword is sharp
  • Let the death of the horse get from the barley
  • If your horse is walking, how many thousand
  • Did we say donkey to your horse?
  • Skip Fighting the barley
  • Skip is not a camel or
  • To get off the horse and ride the donkey
  • Atik chase
  • To turn the horse from the horse, the plateau from the road

Our Proverbs About Camel:

  • Camel was looking for horn.
  • The camel collapses instead of camels
  • Camel Kaaba `` no pilgrimage
  • Camel crashes instead of camels
  • The skin of the camel is loaded with donkey
  • After boarding the camel, the bushes are not hidden behind
  • If a camel requires a horoscope, it extends its neck
  • It is a pinch of grass that blows the camel from the yard.
  • The door that meets with Deveci should open high

Our idioms about the camel:

  • It is not a camel so that it is strangled from seven places
  • like a camel
  • like a camel dough
  • Search for a camel trail on the way to Aleppo
  • Camel Kini
  • like a camel nalbanda looks like
  • Being a camel
  • To make a camel
  • Camel Hearted
  • The earlier ear
  • No camel's horseshoe
  • The shoes of the camel
  • They called the camel's neck curve; He said right:
  • Drink a ditch to a camel
  • Removing the camel
  • Swallow the camel with havut

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