Love words, love words, beautiful words

I live something as a love to say what one -sided slice.

If your eyes see and your ears hear you are not in love.

man cannot hide two things.

Love is sometimes like a trailer of a new film. All the beauties you can see are given in the trailer.

Shut up my heart, I know that I miss it, don't know silence, I miss it

Love is a piece of fire.

Love is to chase more than escaping.

Every time I missed you, a star from the sky would have decaded for a star in the sky.

If I lived as much as I loved you, I would have put the name of immortality.

longing at my door to keep watch. My eyes are looking for him in a distant city.

You are longing for you, you are the most special among those who missed.

I thought why I came to life.

You know there are eyes, the words tells, you know the eyes tells the eyes there is love in the room tells you.

You are my breath, my love.

I want to melt the ice in my heart in the flame of the ice in my heart, I want you to love you for a lifetime, my dear.

If every day is going to pass without you, this is my last day, don't ask when I will forget you, because I don't know when I will die.

I'm not alone, I and my hopeless love are together.

You are one in this world that understands me and there is a love in me that burns with your warmth.

Love Words to someone else once you've seen me if you've seen me with your eyes.

Let a madman kiss you, but don't let a kiss make you crazy.

If you gather all the stars in the sky, you will not, but the only one is worth all of them.

People always run after someone, but they do not look at those who go after their own.

If the nights were as long as I thought of you, the mornings wouldn't be at all.

Even though there are distances, this heart does not throw away to you.

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