Gymnastics and sports movements

Basic postures in gymnastics

Learning the basic postures and making continuity prevents waste of time. Basic movements allow the body to get used to sports. For this reason, education should be given importance to basic postures and time should be allocated to this issue.

Basic postures;

The name of this movement is the vertical movement. The legs are fully closed in the position. Hands are fully adhered to the legs. In this position, the head and body must be upright.

The name of the position stands out open. In this position, body weight must be equal in both legs.

Sweat Metyion; Body weight is a squatting movement on the foot ends. In this position, hips and heels are adjacent to the hips and the arms should be parallel to the body.

All weight should be distributed to the feet evenly at the full foot posture. Another name of this position is called four foot stances.

laptop posture; Eeler is exactly parallel to the feet.

Single laptop stance in this position legs are united hands.

Laptop Sitting should be directed to the heels in this position.

Bank Stance; In the laptop position, the arms are withdrawn on the front.

It is the opposite of the bench stance at the reverse bench stance.

Facade Stance; Foot ends are fully based on the ground. The arms are tense and upright on the ground, the body is completely tense and on one line.

Reverse facade stance is the opposite of the facade posture.

Long sitting; The trunk is upright, the hip is on the ground, the legs are stretched forward.

Open Leg long sitting is applied by opening the legs in the form of V.

The obstacle sitting is a long sitting position, a foot is bent from the knee to the back.

Legs bent sitting; In the long sitting position, both legs bends from the knees to the ground with the soles.

athlete sitting

Family sitting; The steep arms are free on the sides.

Eagle Purvety

The glider stance is open on the sides at shoulder level, parallel to the ground with the body.

Candle stance is the shoulders and upper arm.

You need to make sure that the surface of the basis is only hip.

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