Short meaningful words

Short meaningful words

Our account is not over, we have sins. We will burn together.

Full dreams with empty people are not installed.

To be sad to some extent. It is necessary to know how to give up after a place.

Hello to those days when I want to live.

I did not lose I gave up.

There is longing, there is sadness, there is hope, but you are not.

Did you miss someone you know will never come?

not burned, not going to go, you say you will not go to those words.

Nobody made me happy as you made me happy, nobody hurt as much as you hurt me.

To feel your existence even if I can't touch you, I just know that it is breathing nicely.

Don't trust anyone with you;

Never the big conversation life brings you to such a point.

everything that is far away from his beloved is expatriate.

If you know where you come from, you don't forget who you are, you find where you go if you are aware of where you are.

Your wife, not the arm of what you call it, it should be suited to your heart.

If anyone says that you go home, do not lose it in your life.

Everything that is established with a lie is broken over time.

I'm angry if I'm silent, it's over.

Only those who suffer great pain know the meaning of happiness.

Everyone get comfortable, I am human according to their people.

It was a short conversation and I didn't really want to break it. He just thought he was an Indian fabric.

What to die is to stay breathless.

Silence is a noble challenge. I have to say meaningful words to the desolate.

You are the most beautiful desperation between my mind and my heart.

This is my lovers of my joy is a little grief. There is no end. There is no end.

What do we say to those who return after work?

Now I want to love what to be loved, because I always have been unfinished and my love was always fake.

Let's scream, let's call, let's be offended but let's say it is over?

I live not for what I lost, but for what I will win.

If you are alone, there is nothing left to take from you.

Don't talk to someone you don't like like you never love you. )

I accept my biggest fault in my face was that I was laughing at my face as myself.

Everyone has a problem, every problem is a pain. Myache is not unbearable, but there is also a salt step. (Hz. Mevlana)

The absence of people who do not earn anything does not lose anything.

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