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"Mom, why can't I love anyone", this is unlucky genetic?

Grandma, did you get electricity from my grandfather while you were getting married?
my father: No puppy, there was only a gas lamp in our time.

Paradise is under the feet of mothers.

13 -year -old nephew's facebook situation "I'm still in the place where you leave" wrote.
I immediately called my sister, "Where did you leave this child."

When I have a girlfriend, I suddenly have a very strange jamb for my increasing fortunes. Where were you when you died of loneliness? Uleyyn.

Father, how does it feel to have the best child in the world?
How do I know, go ask your grandfather.

Today, the girl ironing her hair washed in the washing machine tomorrow.

American is investigating life in space. I wonder what happens if we send ours into space.

On the bus "Let's walk back pls" to the man who says
"If we wanted to walk the bus" comes. "

Instead of referring some people to Allah, it is better: I want to break your mouth as a package and send it as a package!

It sounds like we would make the drama of the man who left before the end of the installment and make the film cry.

The baker is hot with his hand and jumpa jump to jumping when he said "the nation's bread to play" I escaped. I forgot to buy bread.

-Aloo son where are you?
-I'm coming, mother, I'm coming.
-I put the bus bus into school.

Sometimes I sell the house and settle down by the sea, of course I have to buy a car with the house first.

I said to my mother today, I ironed, we wash dishes, we now watch dest-i izdivaç and breaking beans,
Note: I regret! I want to work hard.

I love my girlfriend so much that I use others' girlfriends so that you don't get old. I am a very economical man.

If the profile photos of a girl are up from the waist, it is fat if it is up from the shoulder, if its eyes appear only ... avoid

I saw my ex -girlfriend on the way on the road, I used to give way, I used to go ... I am happier without him ..

I can not swallow pill writing, from syrup miğdem, I am afraid of the needle.

They asked the Turkish woman "where is the brain?"

If your lover answers the message after 10 or 15 minutes and you have the right to swear if you are waiting. Write and send with the petition.

They have experimented with the mouse; They gave whiskeys and jumped. They gave raki on the table and said, "That cat will come here.

When I stand up on the bus, I want to sit again by saying "will you go down" to the question "No, I will correct my panties.

You know that we can not come to the end of our language; May Allah open the path of those sentences!

The girl I flirted "Let's name our relationship now" said "Mahmut get at least" I said; "My grandfather's name" .. He's got angry. I think the good name is not funny as if charismatic.

In the course, "I always see the same fingers" said; I raised my middle finger to be different. He threw it out of the course, my victim, but he wanted it himself.

Girls like the boys who are not interested in him, I am not even saying hello to the girl I liked for 3 years. I hope he got the message. Five years later I will propose marriage.

Even though he saw that I was crying, he came to me; "Are you crying," Mala asks; No, I have come to my eyes.

Citizens who consider withdrawing money from the debit; I am very curious what you will do if the money is missing. Will you get back through the hole.

I do not understand mosquitoes. Come directly, push and go. What is the need for buzzing in the form of "how did I put it in my ear but" how I put it, Muhahah ". Personalization of the event, slippers are coming.

Love is not different in November. There is no love in November. There are schools, exams, stress, there are cold, mourning.

Male nation "I died of thirst a glass of water" pattern does not get up, halisaha match changes the continent. He goes to Mars.

My advice to those who cannot attract me; Halay, shuttle, blow dryer, or okey! They didn't look; Let them have patience! It didn't happen, let them go.

The girl who trip in the old times was never withdrawn. Wait for days, the answer is "Well". The man becomes a murderer. What is it funny.

My mother's comment for the grooms: "All oxen finds us" How will I grow herbs.

When something excited on TV is called "breaths kept". I don't understand who holds this breath without brain. You will drown.

The time between a woman's photo and saying "stop how I came out" is called the speed of light.

The goods who saw that I fell on the road and ask for "did you fall?" No, I didn't fall. This is my way of walking.

Those who make the flashing of all kinds of technological products are called "China", the one who makes the flash of all kinds of food.

What a lot of traveling knows, what reads a lot .. everything "Mothers know" to what he travels nor reads. With objection?

girl; "I think seriously with you," I said, "prove." I put a suit and sit in front of the country, we are talking about the problems of the country. I still haven't convinced that I am serious.

Daddy I'm going to study my friend. Your age is smaller.

Thirty -year -old guys wearing a high school uniform and playing the role of college students, please finished now ...

Women's truck driver graffiti: "If there is no acetone in the torpedom, I also delete my nail polish with diesel"

There is very little as dangerous as the woman caught in the rain immediately after the blow dryer. I say don't get on.

The nation finds the soul twin, I found my soul ox. I think how to leave.

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