Beşiktaş anthems lyrics

Beşiktaş; Black Death White Life

Black and white is the destur.

black and white hope.

Black and white is a man.

Black and white is a tradition.

black and white mind

black and white will come

black and white is Beşiktaş

We came to add strength to its strength

White shoots in the hearts of love

Aunt, with folk songs, these hearts

caught with stars with black and white

Our anthems cry with the love of eagle

Besiktas came to die with you.

We came to add strength to its power.

We came to be sweat in jersey

Beşiktaş We came to die with you

We took a deep breath from Abbasağa

You are a hope, do you understand

Life is not living with you

Besiktas came to die with you ... Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş 100th Year Anthem

We will love a lifetime

The Lord of every 100 years is great Beşiktaş

Rain, Çanur will always come

We are eagle, our home is our big Beşiktaş

Earth White Sky Black Beşiktaş

History Author Lifetime Karakartal

This great fans with you

We are honored guruluyuz Karakartal

Born in 1903, my glorious eagle

jet black white başiktaş

We are in the nest of Karakartal

We are with you until you die

Our great love will never end

We are eagle we are Besiktas

musalla stone

Let's see the champion this year

Do not put us in the grave before you die

not frightening us musalla stone

We love the death we Besiktas

* Besiktas we have hit you face with the white we have put white next to you for years we have always been yours Beşiktaş You are our everything.


*It suits you, the championship suits you, you are the one in the realm, you are not changed Beşiktaş You are our everything ...

*Day was born we always awakened stadiums on the besiktan's sake of the flags of the flags.

*How long Life is so endless because we are from the real Beşiktaş.

*Young man's colored team does not hold the karakartım you are not the Miraz of my father, my son is my debt ...

*There are two kinds of traffic in the world.

*Karakartalsın you live in the skies 100 years.

*Come let's be at night with the day, let's be a star on the sky, let's run to the championships with you, let's press it ...

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