Which kind of budgerigar speaks?

If you want to talk comfortably while buying a budgerigar, it must be a Dutch genus. Other breeds speak late according to the Netherlands, some mixed breeds are frequently seen such as late speaking or less speaking in Big Birds.

The type of budgerigar is important in terms of speech, but there are other important points for the speech event. Female birds are prone to talk, male budgerigars speak less. The bird taken to make a speech must be newly separated from the mother, the smaller the better it is. New pups are not afraid of not being able to sing, and most importantly, they try to imitate the surrounding sounds. The puppies that are wanted to speak should definitely be kept alone. After these to do, the rest is up to you, you can make the bird talk with your interest and relevance.

If a few birds are side by side, they will take care of each other, not you. Another issue you will pay attention to is that if there is another budgerigar in the neighbors or close distance, it will hear its voice and mimic it.

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