Why is the sky blue

The light coming from the sun is reflected in the atmosphere, we see the sky blue because it reflects the atmosphere light in blue and purple colors.

The sun reflects light in many wavelengths that the human eye can see and cannot see. White, yellow, orange, blue, purple, etc. All colors come from the sun. Colors such as red and orange pass through the atmosphere and reach the ground. Especially during daytime hours, red tones are not broken in the atmosphere. Blue and purple light is caught by the air molecules in the atmosphere. So we can see the molecules in the air.

The blue and purple rays found in the air are easily seen in the blue colors that are compatible with the human eye, and the animals that see different wavelengths see the sky as purple.

The light from the molecules in the air spreads to the world and back to space, so that a person who looks at the moon sees the world as blue, and the blue color in the seas is actually the reflection of the light from the sky.

The light from the sun changes from the sky, the light reflected from the sky changes, for example, the sky turns into red and orange at sunset.

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